Tre Marie Panettone Milanese - Large 2.2 Pounds

Tre Marie Panettone Milanese
Naturally leavened oven-baked cake
The traditional Italian Christmas soft cake with Candied Citrus Fruit. 
Made in Italy, Italian packaging
The perfect holiday gift!

All panettone is not the same and there is a world of difference between artisan-made panettone like this one from the famous producer Tre Marie and the mass-produced ones you find in the supermarkets. Tre Marie has been baking in Milan since 1150, and the secret of their panettone lies in their three dough mixtures, made with a secret sourdough recipe, and three days of slow leavening. 

Store in a dry place away from heat sources. To enjoy it at its best, leave the product in a warm place for at least one hour before serving.

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