Mulino Bianco Variety Pack Abbracci - Batticuori - Campagnola - Free Shipping

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We call this our ABC Variety Pack. Try them and discover your favorite! 
Mulino Bianco Abbracci Cookies combine one part cream and one part cocoa for a delicious dessert. Founded in Parma, Italy in 1877, these treats are famous for their natural ingredients and rich taste - making them delectable on their own or with coffee.

Mulino Bianco Batticuori
Cocoa shortbread envelopes a creamy chocolate interior in these delicious heart-shaped Batticuori (in English, "heartthrobs).

Mulino Bianco Campagnole
Mulino Bianco Campagnole biscuits are made with rice cream and milk. They are very much like homemade.  

12.3 ounces each.