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Emmentaler Swiss Cheese 1 Pound 

Emmentaler AOP derives its name from the Emme valley (German: Emmental) in the Canton of Bern. The valley features gently rolling hills and runs to the left and right of the Emme river.

Protection of origin:
AOP Appellation d’Origine Protégée (protected designation of origin) since 2006
Raw ingredient:
Fresh unpasteurized milk from dairy cows left to graze naturally (no silage). The use of any form of additives or genetically modified ingredients is strictly forbidden.

Distinctive characteristics:
The characteristic holes are formed as the cheese matures. The natural fermentation produces carbon dioxide which gathers in different places within the cheese and is unable to escape. For a hard cheese, the salt content at 0.5 g / 100 g is extremely low. Emmentaler AOP is lactose-free.
Naturally matured, firm, golden yellow, branded on one side with the red cheese dairy mark of Emmentaler Switzerland.
Smooth, easy to slice, then fine and crumbly with increasing maturity
Cherry-sized, mostly 2-4 cm in size
Nutty and tangy
At least 4 months

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