Montasio Cheese DOP - Pound Cut (1 pound) Imported From Italy.

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Montasio is a very ancient cheese, whose story is rooted in the Thirteenth Century, thanks to monks of Moggio Udinese Abbey, at the end of the Montasio upland. Using cow’s milk for animals fed with mountainous pastures, monks succeeded in the realization of a unique cheese, still, today particularly present in the Italian culinary panorama.

Today, the cheese is a DOC cheese, which means its properties and production are protected by law. Montasio can now be made legally in all of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and parts of Veneto. Made in large wheels, the flavor of this cheese is nutty, and slightly fruity. Since the mountain milk from which Montasio is made is high in butterfat, the cheese has a richer flavor with hints of butterscotch.

  • Made from thermalized* cow's milk.
  • The photo depicts a whole 14 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.

    *Thermization, also spelled thermisation, is a method of sanitizing raw milk with low heat. "Thermization is a generic description of a range of sub pasteurization heat treatments (57 to 68°C × 10 to 20 s) that markedly reduce the number of spoilage bacteria in milk with minimal heat damage."