Perugina / Baci Dark Chocolate Easter Egg - 1 Egg - Free Shipping

The Italian chocolatier Perugina has been making chocolate Easter eggs for so many years that people who got them as kids in Italy are now passing on the tradition and giving them to their grandchildren. And maybe great-grandchildren, too.

There are probably three reasons for the present tradition: the chocolate, the wrapping and the surprises inside. Crack open one of the hollow eggs, and you’ll find a plastic capsule with four pieces of the company’s celebrated chocolate candies. Each egg and its surprises weigh a little more than 9 ounces total.

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You can get the milk Chocolate version Here 

Perugina Easter Eggs 2019
Perugina Dark Chocolate Eggs Wrapped Beautifully!
4 pieces of Baci Inside
Perugina Egg is 9.3 Ounces

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