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Paesano Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 34oz

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Paesano Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Award-winning extra virgin olive

Paesano Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 34oz Experience the authentic taste of award-winning extra virgin olive oil.

  Key Features:

  • Naturally Unfiltered: Its cloudy and green appearance signifies the oil's pure and unprocessed quality, straight from the press.
  • Award-Winning Excellence: Paesano has earned 2 Gold Medals at the L.A. County Fair, a prestigious event where experts blind-taste olive oils from around the globe.
  • Select Sicilian Olives: Made exclusively from “Nocellara del Belice,” “Biancolilla,” and “Cerasuola” olives, sourced from Trapani, Sicily.
  • Exceptional Flavor Profile: Enjoy its very low acidity, and the grassy, herbaceous, and buttery taste that characterizes top-quality olive oil.
  • Culinary Versatility: Ideal for raw applications such as finishing dishes, dipping, and enhancing salads.

Discover the pure essence of Sicilian olives with Paesano's Extra Virgin Olive Oil.