Frank and Sal Italian Market

Pastry Shells for Every Occasion - Imported From Italy

 Pastry Shells Ready-to-Fill

  • Our Italian-Imported Pastry Shells, are perfect for creating scrumptious desserts. These versatile shells are ideal for filling with lemon curd, fruit preserves, chocolate ganache, or creamy custard, transforming them into a delightful treat. Elevate your dessert presentation by topping them with fresh fruits, a swirl of whipped cream, or a delicate dusting of powdered sugar for an elegant finish. Experience the joy of gourmet desserts with our pastry shells – a must-have for any sweet connoisseur.

  • Chocolate Dip your Shells for an Extra Special Treat!

  • Transform chocolate pudding and whipped cream into an elegant dessert!

  • These pastry shells are a convenient and time-saving option for both amateur cooks and professional chefs, allowing for creativity and versatility in the kitchen.

  • 24 pastry shells Per Box Approximately 90MM Each

Ideal for creating elegant desserts, these Pastry shells are a time-saver in the kitchen. With 24 shells in each pack, they are perfect for catering to large events, family gatherings, or for simply adding a touch of gourmet to your everyday meals. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the simplicity of preparing impressive dishes with our ready-to-fill pastry shells.