Cheese on the Internet.

January 10, 2017 1 min read

Shopping for Cheese online has never been easier. Maybe you live in a place where it's not convenient to walk into a store and order a pound of your favorite Italian cheese. You might also be a very busy person with an active life style looking for convenience. Frank and Sal has you covered.  We have the Knowledge and experience to ship you cheese anywhere in the country. 

After selling on the world’s largest eCommerce site we realize that many vendors are in business to make a single sale. We don’t compete with vendors selling an inferior product. We at Frank and Sal have never done business this way. We built our businesses both brick and mortar and internet with the knowledge that if you get something great you will come back time and time again. 

We’ve been a brick and mortar store for over 25 years. We built our business by being reputable and selling the best quality items.  Two generations of customers know that when they come to Frank and Sal they’ll be getting the very best Italian Products.  

If it’s not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for yours.

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