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 Catering In Brooklyn New York

Catering In Brooklyn Antipasto tray
Order a la carte and pick up any of your favorite hot or cold platters for any occasion.
Home - we provide Chafing Stands, Set-up & Delivery. Delivery charges may apply and gratuity is appreciated.


Office - local offices can cater for meetings, clients, employees, or sub-contractors, Holidays or any occasion. Delivery charges may apply and gratuity is appreciated.
Corporate Accounts - Business that require a complete package for billing and services. Italian Style Hot Buffet/ Cold Platters/ Antipasto Platters.

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Frank and Sal Catering in Brooklyn

 Corporate Accounts Welcome
We can create the perfect setting for your next business event. We’ll help you plan all types of corporate occasions from meetings and office parties to groundbreaking ceremonies and educational sessions. We’ll help you plan a sit-down dinner for the holiday office party, appetizers for a reception or perhaps you need boxed lunches for a working meeting. Whatever the event, our experienced staff will provide you with a delectable menu that will satisfy your taste as well as your budget. Outdoor summer barbecues are a Frank and Sal Special.