Frank and Sal

Frank and Sal Brand Hot Soppressata - Made in Brooklyn - 2 Sticks - Approximately 1.5

  • Hot Soppressata

    Frank and Sal Brand Hot Soppressata is a delicious and savory dry-cured salami originating from the rich culinary tradition of Italy.

    Made in Brooklyn, New York, this artisanal product is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using high-quality ingredients and time-honored techniques.

    This pack contains 2 sticks of Hot Soppressata, with a total weight of approximately 1.5 pounds. The salami features a tantalizing blend of spices, including red pepper flakes, which give it a delightful kick of heat. The soppressata is aged to perfection, allowing the flavors to develop and intensify, resulting in a robust and bold taste.

    Pair Frank and Sal Brand Hot Soppressata with your favorite cheeses, crackers, or crusty bread for a delightful charcuterie board. It also makes an excellent addition to sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes. Enjoy the authentic taste of Brooklyn-made soppressata and indulge in a true Italian culinary experience.