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Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Blocks - Approximately 1 pound per Block - 2 Blocks Free Shipping

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Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Blocks

  • 2 Bars approximately 1 pound each. Callebaut Milk and Semi-Sweet.
  • Milk: A premium milk chocolate with more milk powder than average. This is preferred by many chocolate lovers who are used to Swiss chocolate which has a higher milk ratio than other European Milk chocolates. Ingredients: sugar, milk, cocoa beans, soy lecithin, natural vanilla.
  • Semisweet: One of the most popular semisweet chocolates from Callebaut 54,5% cacao and is a well-balanced flavor and will work for all applications which call for a dark or semi-sweet chocolate. Great for all pastry and confectionery. Also great eating!!!! Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, natural vanilla, soy lecithin
  • Please Note: We take larger slabs of Callebaut and cut them into usable pieces for the home chef.
  • Each block is approximately 1 pound and cut neatly. Each is stamped with the Callebaut logo as it comes from the factory.

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