Frank and Sal

Fresh Assorted Sicilian Candied Fruit - Cherry, Orange and Citron Italian Import. - Frank and Sal Bakery.. Half Pound Each

  • Imported from Italy. Each selection is a half-pound.
  • This assortment of Candied Fruit is the freshest you will find. 1 and a half pounds combined, Candied Cherries, Candied Orange peel and Candied Citron.
  • At Frank and Sal, we bake 7 days a week assuring you the freshest possible candied fruit.
  • The difference between our candied fruit and supermarket candied fruit is apparent. Always fresh and vibrant. Especially delicious in fruit cakes and Pastry.
  • These are the same orange peels, Citron and cherries we use on our Famous Cannoli, Cakes and Pastry.

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