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Frank and Sal Bakery: All Natural Italian Sesame Cookies 1 Pound Baked Fresh Daily - Biscotti Di Regina

  • All Natural Italian Sesame Seed Cookies - Baked Fresh in Small Batches Daily.
  • Mildly Sweet and Dry. - If you've eaten these cookies before you know that they tend to be a little hard. Our cookies, due to their freshness have a crisp on the outside but surprisingly softer on the inside
  • Ingredients: Flour, Water, Eggs, Shortening, Honey and Salt with All Natural Vanilla, Lemon and Orange Extracts.
  • Manufactured on shared equipment...may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, milk.

    In Palermo these cookies are readily available in bakeries and pastry shops. In the states, people may call them: Seed Cookies, Sesame Cookies, and of course Italian Seed Cookies. We grew up eating Italian Seed Cookies, especially around the holidays. As a child, they were magical when dipped in a frothy mug of hot chocolate. These Italian Seed Cookies are tender on the inside, with a crisp coating of sesame seeds on the outside.

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