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Acqua di Fiuggi is best known in Italy for its history and various healing properties. In Italy the water is served at many restaurants and is popular in all major supermarket chains. Many Europeans drink the water daily for its light and smooth taste and for its supposed cleansing and depurative capacities (purifying effects) to the body.

The source of the water runs through ancient volcanic deposits in the Ernici mountains which has an ecosystem that has historically been unaltered by humans. In Europe it is classified as an Oligomineral water which is low in mineral content - Oligomineral waters are light and thus absorbed by the body much quicker than other waters. Fiuggi has been proven to contain certain components of the 'humic substance' group which, it is claimed, gives the water its health benefits. Fiuggi has been proven to be effective in breaking down and flushing out kidney stones from the body and helping to improve kidney function. It is known to aid in the removal of metabolic waste from the body and possibly to help flush out toxins from the kidneys via the urinary tract system. Many older generations in Italy claim that it is helpful to get rid of gout, uric acid and may increase the metabolism.
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