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Manchego Cheese 1/4 Wheel - One and Three Quarter Pound. Spain

Manchego is Spain's most popular cheese. Produced in La Mancha in Central Spain, true Manchego is made from 100% sheep's milk. Cheeses from Spain are commonly made from sheep's milk because most of the territory is rocky and dry and unfriendly to cows. The Land however is suitable for raising goats and sheep. The abundance of wild herbs on Central Spain's grazing lands gives Manchego a special taste and aroma. Its flavor is zesty and exuberant, while its texture is firm, but not dry.

Manchego can be recognized by the zigzag pattern etched into its rind. This is created by the rippled surface of the press used in the production of the cheese. Underneath the inedible rind, the interior is ivory-colored with few small holes. Taste Manchego for the first time and you will be surprised at how long the wonderful flavor lingers on your palate. 
Made from pasteurized sheep's milk.

As with all our cheese, this Manchego is cut by hand.

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