Sharp Provolone Cheese--Imported from Italy

2 pounds
  • Top Shelf - 1 - 2 and 3 Pounds - Vacuum Sealed and Fresh Cut by Hand Daily. Ships in a reusable EPS Recycled Cooler.
  • Sold by Frank and Sal Italian Market - Cut to Order. Shipped professionally assuring you a superior product upon arrival.
  • Made to Frank and Sal Specifications by Soresina Dairy. Soresina Dairy is a co-operative of several high-quality dairies that have been in operation since 1900. They are the biggest producers of Provolone cheese.
  • NEVER - Pre-Packed. Perfect for the table. Expedited Shipping.
  • Our 2 Retail Stores Assure You Quality. Selling Fine Italian Cheese for a Quarter of a Century!

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