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All Natural Taralli No Additives or Preservatives

All Natural Taralli All-Natural Taralli. Crafted without additives or preservatives, these homemade treats are a testament to our commitment to quality. Available in 1 or 2-pound orders, each batch is freshly made in our bakery, ensuring a delightful crunch in every bite. Choose from our variety of flavors:

  • Black Pepper Taralli: A classic blend of wheat flour, olive oil, sea salt, and a kick of black pepper for those who love a bit of spice.

  • Red Pepper Tatalli :  A delightful and savory treat, perfect for those who enjoy a spicy twist. Each piece is made with premium wheat flour, high-quality olive oil, and a generous amount of crushed red pepper for that extra kick.

  • Taralli with Fennel: A fusion of wheat flour, olive oil, sea salt, and aromatic fennel, perfect for fennel lovers.

  • Whole Wheat Taralli with Fennel: Made with whole wheat flour, this variant combines the wholesomeness of grains with the subtle flavor of fennel.

  • All Natural Olive Taralli: A delightful mix of wheat flour, olive oil, sea salt, and olives, capturing the essence of the Mediterranean.

    • Each variety celebrates the traditional flavors of Italy, making our Taralli not just a snack but a cultural experience. Explore and enjoy the taste of authenticity with every bite!

      Please note: All varieties are made with White Wine 

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