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Auricchio Provolone Authentic Imported From Italy


Authentic Imported Italian Auricchio Provolone - Discover the Finest Aged Provolone

Auricchio Salami

Experience the exceptional taste of Auricchio Provolone, a renowned Italian cheese imported directly from Italy. With its distinct sharpness, this aged Provolone is widely celebrated as one of the most exquisite provolone in the world. In Italy, it's a cheese that captures attention as it hangs gracefully from the rafters in local grocery stores, symbolizing its exceptional quality.

At the heart of this remarkable cheese is the prestigious heritage of Auricchio, a revered family business tracing its roots back to 1877. Auricchio Provolone Picante, available here, epitomizes authenticity, with each wheel carefully crafted and aged for a minimum of 12 months. Prepare to be delighted by its captivating flavor that tantalizes the taste buds.

This Auricchio Provolone Picante is a true treasure, perfect for elevating your antipasto platter. Pair it with our delectable selection of salami, complemented by olives and a rich red wine. Alternatively, savor its exquisite taste on crisp, savory crackers for a delightful snack that satisfies your cravings.

Our Auricchio Provolone is cut and vacuum sealed the day you buy it. You are receiving the freshest possible cheese available. Our Cheese is cut fresh from the Log when you order. it is then Vacuum packed and placed in one of our thick-walled coolers. We pack it with ice and expedite the shipping.

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