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Parmigiano Reggiano - 1 Pound Imported : Aged 24 Months - Free Shipping

Top Grade Parmigiano Reggiano:
While other sellers send you prepackaged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Frank and Sal cuts and vacuum seals the cheese the day your order comes in. When you buy Parmigiano Reggiano from Frank and Sal you are receiving cheese cut fresh off the wheel.  You'll never receive pre-packaged Reggiano. 
We pack your order in a reusable cooler with ice and expedite your shipping. Your order is delivered within 3 days.


Delivery Times:
East coast usually one-day delivery. 
West coast between Two or three days. 
We Ship 5 Days a Week Monday Through Friday.  

Buying Parmigiano on the internet can be daunting.  There are many levels of Italian hard cheeses.  We've seen some incredible claims made on one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world. The vendors on that site buy the cheapest grades and sell at rock bottom prices.  We have no interest in doing this. 
The only cheese we will sell is the cheese that we would feed to our family.

Serving Suggestions: 

Cubed Reggiano
Served with dried fruit or fig jam, and provide Aceto Balsamico di Modena or honey for dipping.

Parmigiano Ribbons

Use a cheese plane or vegetable peeler to shave off ribbons and serve over salads. The large surface area of the ribbons gives high flavor impact.

Parmigiano Rind
Add leftover sections of rind into soups or stews to infuse broth with umami flavor, or steep in cream for sauces.

Our 2 Retail Stores Assure You Quality. Selling Fine Italian Cheese for a Quarter of a Century!

Every piece we cut includes part of the marked rind, so you can verify it is the wheel thing,  Parmigiano Reggiano!

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