Frank and Sal Italian Market

Whole Candied Red Pear- Cake and Pastry Decorating - Imported From Italy 1.5 Pounds (Whole Red Pear)

Whole Candied Red Pear

Straight from Italy: You get a solid 1.5 pounds in every pack.
For That Next-Level Fruit Cake
: Add a fun twist to your usual recipe, and watch your fruit cake stand out from the crowd.
Shake Up Your Drinks: These are ideal for jazzing up your cocktails and mocktails. Plus, they add a nice sweet touch to your drinks.
Step Up Your Baking Game: Mix them into your dough or batter and see the magic happen in your baked goodies.

Delivered Vacuumed Sealed. For optimal freshness, store it in the fridge inside a Tupperware.