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Candied Citron Fruit (Whole Quarters) - 900g - Authentic Sicilian Product - Free Shipping

Candied Citron (Whole Quarters)

Directly Imported from Italy: Unveil the secret to iconic Italian desserts with our exquisite candied citron, brought to you straight from the sun-kissed groves of Italy! 
Craft Your Masterpiece: Perfect for Cannoli, Panettone, Panforte, and Biscotti, our candied citron is the cornerstone for recipes that resonate with tradition and taste.
Select Quality for Select Chefs: Our candied citron is for those with a palate for perfection, for whom only the freshest, most authentic ingredients will do.
Unwavering Excellence: The natural variation in color celebrates the authenticity of our product, while the quality remains steadfastly superior.

You may receive half or quartered pieces. 
For best quality, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator.

Color may vary, quality does not.
Find our hand-cubed Citron HERE

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