Frank and Sal Italian Market

NYC Italian Bread Dough - Made in Brooklyn - All Natural - Ten - 1 Pound Dough Balls.

Bread Dough Made in Brooklyn

Whether you're an experienced baker or a novice, Our Brooklyn Bread Dough will help you achieve NYC bakery-quality results in your own kitchen.

All Natural Ingredients. - Flour, Water, Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar and Yeast

Using a one-pound portion of bread dough allows home bakers to create a full-size Italian bread. The versatility of this dough size enables bakers to shape it in different ways, and if desired, it can also be divided into smaller portions to make various sizes of loaves.

Freshly made and frozen for shipping. NO PO BOXES PLEASE.
Full Instructions are included with every order. You can see them here. 
Creating your own Italian bread with an incredibly delicious taste has never been easier.

Taste the Essence of Great Italian Bread: Enjoy the distinct flavor of our bread dough right in your own home, reminiscent of the renowned bakeries of New York City. Delight your loved ones with a loaf of bread that rivals the best bakeries, showcasing your baking skills and dedication.

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