Fiore de Sardegna Experience the Rich Flavor - Made From Sheep Milk

One or Two Pounds

 Fiore de Sardegna Pecorino Cheese

  • From: Italian region of Sardinia
    Age: 4 months old
    Type: Sheep Milk Semi-Firm 

The Villecco Family, a well-known Sardinian family of professional cheesemakers, makes this wonderful sheep's milk cheese Fiore di Sardegna.

The neighborhood shepherds have enjoyed this cheese since the 18th century! Fiore di Sardegna is made with rich, full sheep's milk that has been matured for four months, giving it a powerful, dense texture.

The flavor begins with a buttery and nutty flavor and ends with a soft crispness. The local herbs and grasses that the sheep feed on can be tasted in the aromatic overtones of the moderately sheepy flavor. Fiore di Sardegna. Is a good replacement for Basque Ossau Irraty or Spanish Manchego.