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Fiore Di Sardegna Experience the Rich Flavor - Made From Sheep Milk (Pecorino)

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One or Two Pounds

 Fiore Di Sardegna Pecorino Cheese

  • Sheep Milk Semi-Firm Cheese
  • Aged 4 months
  • Crafted by the Villecco Family, skilled Sardinian cheesemakers.
Indulge in the rich, buttery, and nutty flavors of Fiore di Sardegna cheese, a traditional favorite since the 18th century. Made from full sheep's milk and aged for four months, it boasts a dense texture with a hint of soft crispness.

Taste the local herbs and grasses the sheep graze on, reflected in the aromatic overtones of this wonderful cheese. A perfect alternative to Basque Ossau Irraty or Spanish Manchego, Fiore Di Sardegna is a must-try for cheese aficionados.