Bacalao - Baccala Salt Cod, Without Bone. Free Shipping. Various Sizing Options.

Premium Bacalao Salt Cod
Whatever you call it - Bacalao or Baccala you can't beat the taste of North Atlantic Cod fish.  
We ship this dried Cod in large pieces so that you'll know you are getting 100% North Atlantic Cod Fish.

In recent years unscrupulous vendors have been selling "other" varieties of fish and passing this off as Salt Cod. usually, these can be seen as smaller strips of fish.

People often ask Why salt cod and not fresh? 
We consider Salt Cod to be a different product. Salt Cod is a little denser and holds together better.
It also has a saltier profile adding to the taste. 

Removing the Salt: 
Soak Cod In Water
Change Water Every 4-6 Hours
Change Water 3-4 Times
When Done Place in Refrigerator

Our Salt Cod is expedited to your door. Store in a cool dry place.
Salt cod can stay between 18 and 24 months without refrigeration.

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