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Locatelli Cheese 
Select One, Two or Three Pounds Grated Also Available. 

Frank and Sal assure you of quality and freshness:
We hand-cut your order as they are received.
Your cheese is then Vacuum packed and placed in one of our thick-walled reusable coolers. 

Your order is then expedited to you. Expect to receive your cheese between 1 and 3 days from ordering. 

The Locatelli family began producing Pecorino Romano over 500 years ago in the Lazio region of Italy. Today, Locatelli Pecorino Romano is considered to be one of the finest Pecorino Romano's available. It is unique in quality because it is hand-crafted from 100% pure sheep's milk which is aged over 9 months at a minimum. The result is a spicy and sharp, dry cheese that is perfect for grating.

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