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Fresh Made New York City Pizza Dough. 1 and a Quarter Pound Each - 10 Pack - INCLUDES OVERNIGHT SHIPPING

 New York Pizza Dough 10 Pack 

Pizza dough can not ship to a PO Box 

Introducing the authentic taste of New York City Pizza in your own home!

Our handmade, all-natural pizza dough is made with only the finest ingredients and is guaranteed to give you the perfect crust every time. Whether you're a seasoned pizza chef or just starting out, our dough is easy to work with and produces delicious results.

New York City Pizza dough is made fresh to order and is shipped directly to your door, so you can enjoy the taste of New York City pizza anytime, anywhere.

So why wait?
Order now and discover the difference that authentic, handcrafted dough can make. Your taste buds (and your friends and family) will thank you!

 Each ball creates a 12 to 14-inch pie depending on how thick you like the crust. We have customers who report cutting the ball into four pieces and making personal pies. 

For best results, thaw the frozen dough overnight in the refrigerator. After thawing, place dough in a large, lightly oiled bowl, then cover with a clean dish towel and allow to proof at room temperature for at least 1½ hours. The dough should double in size. Proofing times vary depending on the season and location—proofed dough should be soft to the touch and still have a slight chill.

Proofing may take up to 48 hours. In most cases 1 - 2 hours. 
Once the dough is fully proofed, stretch or roll it flat and top it with your favorite ingredients. Allow to rest for approximately ½ hour, then bake. For same-day use, leave the dough at room temperature for approximately four hours prior to baking (times will vary based on the season and your location)

Our Pizza Dough is made fresh and frozen only for transportation.
Complete instructions with each order. Taste the difference New York Water makes! 
All Natural: Flour, Water, Olive Oil, Salt, Sugar and Yeast
Pizza Dough can not ship to a PO Box. 

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