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Gluten-Free Panettone: A Delicious Holiday Tradition - Italian Import - Pack of 1

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Gluten Free Panettone

Gluten-Free Panettone with Mother Yeast: A Festive Treat for All

Celebrate the flavors of Italy with our exquisite Gluten-Free Panettone, lovingly crafted using a time-honored recipe and natural mother yeast. Experience a slice of Italian craftsmanship that promises an explosion of taste in every bite.

Perfect for those with dietary restrictions, our artisanal panettone maintains the rich, sweet flavors you love, without the gluten. Freshly baked to perfection, our panettone is a delectable treat that can be savored straight from the oven or revitalized with a quick warm-up in your microwave.

Enjoy the festive spirit longer! Our panettone stays sumptuously moist in the fridge for up to two weeks and remains delightfully indulgent when frozen for three months.

Embrace the essence of Italian celebrations, whether you're gathering around the table with loved ones or savoring a moment of solo bliss. Our gluten-free panettone isn't just a dessert; it's a Frank and Sal stamp of approval on your joyful occasions.

Discover our variety of flavors and make your festivities gluten-free and glorious with Frank and Sal's approved panettone. Buon appetito!

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