Granoro Semolina Rimacinata (Semolina Flour) Packed and Milled in Italy - 2 Pack

 Granoro Semolina Flour  

  • Durum semolina, or durum wheat semolina, is traditionally used for making dried pasta. It comes from processed durum wheat, which has a particularly robust kernel. This durum semolina is rimacinata, or 're-milled' to give an ultra-fine texture.
  • This fine durum semolina adds more depth of flavor to homemade egg pasta when used 50:50 with Italian 00 flour. Or use the fine semolina on its own - the fine texture adds the characteristic nutty flavor of durum semolina without becoming crunchy.
  • This is for a 2 Pack at 2.2 pounds each.