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Mostaccioli Traditional Imported Christmas Cookies. - Italian Product - 2 Pack

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In our house, it isn't Christmas without Mostaccioli 

Mostaccioli is spicy - cinnamon and nutmeg - cookies covered in delicious chocolate. They have been popular in central and southern Italy for *centuries. Mostaccioli was originally made with "must" or unfermented grape juice. Today they are rich in spices and flavor. Pair with an espresso for the perfect afternoon snack.
Approximately 7 cookies per tray. Diamond-shaped traditional Cookie Made in Italy

Food historians tend to agree that the current recipe gained popularity in 1653 after Saint Domenico--the patron saint of the Kingdom of Naples--distributed Mostaccioli cookies after a devastating earthquake in Soriano, Calabria. Ever since then, on August 16th (my birthday and the Feast Day of St. Domenico), people in Calabria celebrate by baking Mostaccioli cookies and auctioning them off to benefit charity.