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Provolone (Auricchio) Authentic Imported From Italy - Free Shipping

Auricchio Provolone

Our Auricchio Provolone is cut and vacuum sealed the day you buy it. You are receiving the freshest possible cheese available. Our Cheese is cut fresh from the Log when you order. it is then Vacuum packed and placed in one of our thick-walled coolers. We pack it with ice and expedite the shipping.

Auricchio Provolone:
Back in 1887 Gennaro Auricchio created a special rennet to produce provolone. In fact, he can be called the father of Provolone.

Auricchio Provolone is best used for eating on its own as part of an antipasto spread, or with fruit. Provolone is not usually grated.

The only cheese we will sell, is the very same cheese we feed our family! Nothing less will do.