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Salt Cod, Bacalao or Baccalà: Dried and salted codfish - Free Shipping.


Premium Bacalao Salt Cod

Salt cod, also known as bacalao, is a dried and salted codfish dish that is enjoyed all over the world but is especially well-liked in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Its long history as a preserved meal dates all the way back to the Roman Empire. One of salt cod's most notable qualities is its strong, savory flavor.
Cod is enhanced by the salting process, which also makes it ideal for long-term preservation.

Cod that has been salted needs to have the salt removed through several water changes before cooking.
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Why salt cod instead of fresh is a common question.
We view salt cod as a different product. A little denser and more solid than fresh.
Additionally, the saltier profile enhances the flavor.

Cod should be soaked in water to remove salt.
Every 4-6 hours, change the water.
Place cod in the refrigerator after performing three to four water changes.

Our Salt Cod is expedited to your door. Store in a cool dry place.
Salt cod can stay between 18 and 24 months without refrigeration.

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