Frank and Sal

Amarelli Rossano - Pastilles of Pure Liquorice Hard Candy - 40 Gram - 2 Pack

Amarelli Spezzatina licorice are small, slightly rounded crunchy bits of pure licorice with a strong and bitter, long-lasting taste presented in a beautiful tin. 
  • Old World collectible tin.
  • Distinct licorice. 100% Pure.
  • No Preservatives or Additives
  • 40 grams per package. 

This type of licorice is made from the extract of the licorice root and is known for its intense taste. It's popular among licorice enthusiasts and is often considered a more "natural" form of licorice candy, without the addition of significant amounts of sugar or other sweeteners. This makes it quite different from the sweeter, more commercial varieties of licorice candy commonly found in other parts of the world.