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Focaccia - Baked Fresh -3 Pies - Frank and Sal Bakery All Natural Ingredients - Fully Cooked.

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About the product
  • 3 Pieces of ALL NATURAL FOCACCIA (One Shown) These are baked fresh daily. In the Frank and Sal bakery.
  • Water, Flour, Tomato, Olive Oil, Oregano Salt, Yeast and a pinch of Sugar - That's it!
  • Freezes well - Our Recommended Re-Heating Instruction - Frying Pan - Skillet. Preheat skillet low to medium heat. Place Focaccia in skillet heat till top becomes warm. These are shipped fully cooked.
  • No preservatives, Additives or Artificial ANYTHING!
  • Try a New York baked product and taste the difference! It's all about the water! 

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