Frank and Sal

Frank and Sal Famous House Made Eggplant Parmigiana Roll - 3 or 6 Rolls - No additives No preservatives. Vegetarian Friendly.

3 Rolls

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About the product

  • Frank and Sal Famous House Made Eggplant Rolls.
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No preservatives No Additives. We use only the Finest Ingredients like San Marzano Tomatoes, House Made Mozzarella, and Pecorino Romano Cheese.
  • Two Rolls. Approximately 2 pounds total.
  • Vegetarian-Friendly!

This isn’t your corner Pizzeria’s Eggplant Roll. We use our famous homemade pizza dough combined with sweet Eggplant and our house-made fresh mozzarella, DOP San Marzano tomatoes and Pecorino Romano grated cheese.

Nothing satisfies a case of the munchies better! We suggest reheating in your oven for a delightful snack or dinner! We use only Premium Ingredients, the finest Cheese, Olive Oil, and Eggplant. No additives No preservatives. Vegetarian-Friendly!