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Frank and Sal Mixed Marinated Mushrooms in Oil - Product of Italy

Frank and Sal Italian Mixed Marinated Mushrooms in Oil

Introducing Frank & Sal's Italian Marinated Mushroom Medley, a delightful mix of Button, Straw, and Nameko mushrooms. Immerse your taste buds in a delicate balance of wine vinegar, oil, and fresh herbs, crafted to perfection. Customize the flavor with your preferred seasoning for a personalized touch.

Savor the tangy taste and rich umami essence, which beautifully complements savory, hard cheeses like our Pecorino Romano. Add this versatile blend to beans for a light and zesty salad, or elevate your grilled meats by spooning these marinated mushrooms over steak and poultry.

Product of Italy - 2 jars, 19.4 ounces each
Exquisite blend of Button, Straw, and Nameko mushrooms
Infused with Sunflower Oil, Wine Vinegar, and Salt
Ready to delight your palate!