Baci / Perugina Milk Chocolate Easter Egg - 9.38oz Each - Free Shipping

The Perugina Hollow Chocolate Easter Eggs (Uova di Pasqua) is one of those staples that always decorate our table at Easter. Children and adults can't wait until the egg is cracked and the Chocolate can be enjoyed.  

The Perugina Pasqua di Baci Easter Egg is a decadent hollow milk chocolate egg wrapped in the famous Baci packaging motif. Inside the egg a surprise of 4 Baci Chocolates.

After Easter Dinner Uncle Giuseppe can often be seen in the kitchen slicing the Colomba and placing a piece of Perugina Chocolate on top. He then takes his creation, places it in the toaster oven until the chocolate is nice and melted. 
It's not long before the entire family joins in! 

 A product of Italy.