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Vulcanica Peperoncino 280g Glass Bottles | Authentic Calabrian Hot Peppers - 2 Pack

Calabrian Hot Peppers 

🌶️ Bring the Flavors of Calabria into Your Kitchen 🌶️

Are you ready to spice up your meals? Look no further! Vulcanica Peperoncino brings you the authentic taste of Calabrian hot peppers in convenient 280g glass bottles.

🌶️ 100% Calabrian Hot Peppers: Made from carefully selected locally sourced peppers, our Vulcanica Peperoncino is the real deal. These fiery gems are known for their bold flavor and distinctive heat that adds a kick to any dish.

🌶️ No Sunflower Oil: We believe in preserving the natural flavors of the peppers. That's why Vulcanica Peperoncino is exclusively packed in olive oil, ensuring the true essence of Calabrian peppers shines through.

🌶️ Versatile and Delicious: Add a burst of heat and flavor to your favorite recipes. Whether it's pasta sauces, pizza toppings, marinades, or dips, Vulcanica Peperoncino takes your culinary creations to the next level.

🌶️ Authentic Calabrian Taste: Experience the rich culinary heritage of Calabria, Italy, known for its spicy cuisine. Vulcanica Peperoncino captures the essence of this region, allowing you to savor the true flavors of Southern Italy.

🌶️ 2-Pack for Ultimate Convenience: Each order includes two 280g glass bottles, ensuring you have ample supply to elevate your dishes. Keep one in your pantry and share the other with fellow spice enthusiasts!

🌶️ Quality You Can Trust: Vulcanica Peperoncino is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the sourcing of peppers to the production process, we prioritize quality to deliver an exceptional product.

Embrace the heat and elevate your culinary creations with Vulcanica Peperoncino! Order your 2-pack of 280g glass bottles today and experience the fiery flavors of Calabria in your own kitchen.

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