Frank and Sal Italian Market

Cannoli Shells 5 inch 48 Count Handmade

Discover Authentic Italian Delights with Frank and Sal's Hand-Made Cannoli Shells! 

Frank and Sal hand-made cannoli shells that are ideal for a variety of fillings, including traditional cannoli cream, custard, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or pudding
Our commitment to quality ensures the shells are delicous and arrive at your door unbroken. 
Party Size 48 Count 
Why Choose Frank and Sal's Cannoli Shells?

  • Authentic Italian Quality: Hand-crafted with care in our Italian bakery, each shell embodies the flavors and traditions of Italy.
  • Perfect Size for Fillings: At 5 inches long, our shells are the ideal size for generous fillings of traditional cannoli cream, custard, ice cream, and more.
    Versatile Dessert Solutions: Whether you're hosting a party, family dinner, or simply indulging in a personal treat, our cannoli shells fit every occasion.
  • Ready-to-Fill Convenience: Save time with our pre-made shells, ensuring you're always ready to whip up a delicious dessert on short notice.