Granoro Attilio Pasta Number 138 Calamari Trafilati Al Bronzo -Made in Italy 2 Pack

The Le Specialità di Attilio range takes its name from and is dedicated to Attilio Mastromauro, the founder of Pastificio Granoro.
Granoro Attilio Pasta is made with superior quality durum wheat semolina (with a high percentage of proteins and gluten), with a complex production process and gentle and very slow drying. 

The pasta is drawn through a bronze die in order to obtain a rugged surface which will hold the sauce better, as opposed to the Teflon die which gives the usual smooth surface.

An extraordinary pasta that will delight your senses.  The texture lends itself to any and all sauces. 
This is for a 2 Pack 500 Grams - 1.1 pounds each.