Frank and Sal Italian Market

Frank and Sal Cannoli Shells - 5 Inch Hand Made - 24 Shells

Frank and Sal Cannoli Shells: Authentic Italian Delight

Handcrafted Perfection from Frank and Sal Bakery

Why Choose Frank and Sal Cannoli Shells?

  • Handmade in Small Batches: Our cannoli shells are crafted with care and tradition, ensuring each batch preserves the authentic Italian flavor.
  • Fresh, No Additives or Preservatives: Made fresh daily, our cannoli shells are free from any additives or preservatives, offering a pure, unadulterated taste.
  • The Perfect Size for the Perfect Cannoli: Our 5-inch pastry shells are the ideal size for a delightful cannoli experience. Whether filled with traditional cannoli cream, custard, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or pudding, they are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.
  • Guaranteed Quality: We ensure our cannoli shells are carefully packed and delivered non-broken, straight to your door.

These are excellent shells.
They go great with our Cannoli Cream.

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